The Rules of Conquian - How To Play Conquian
Conquian is a Rummy game played with two people. It is one of the oldest known Rummy games which originated in Spain and goes back hundreds of years. The game can be played with more than two, but typically there are not enough cards to make it a long enough game if using a Spanish style deck. Also note that if you enjoy Conquian, you will also enjoy the game of straight "Rummy" which is a similar but more contemporary version of Conquian, contains a lot of the same elements, is played with up to six players.
The objective of Conquian is to be the first player with no cards left in their hand. To do this you must “meld” your cards by arranging them in runs (three or more cards in the same suit in consecutive order) or in groups (three of a kind) of three to eight cards and placing them face upwards on the table. Cards can be added to existing melds and taken away, provided a complete set or group is left in place.

No meld can contain more than eight cards, because the minimum meld is three and you have to meld exactly eleven cards to win. Ace is always low and so Q-K-A is not a valid meld.
Setting Up
If you have a Spanish style deck, you are ready to play. If you do not have a Spanish style deck you can make one by removing the 8, 9 and 10 cards from the deck. Note that this will make sets that go 6-7-J legitimate.

The deck is shuffled and cut, and each player draws a card at random. Whichever player draws the lower card is the dealer, and the other player plays first. The dealer deals ten cards to each player and places the remaining cards face down on the table to form the stock pile. At this point a wager can be made on the outcome of the game if playing for money.
Rules of Game Play
The player who has the first turn (traditionally called the “Pone”) takes the top card of the stock pile and places it in his or her hand. The player must decide to meld the card (if possible) to create a run or a group or discard the card. The card that was picked up may not be kept for future use, it must be melded or discarded in the hand in which it is picked up. Some versions of Rummy such as straight Rummy allow you to exchange the new card for one in your hand, but Conquian does not. No player may have more than 11 cards in their hand during their turn, and no player may have more than 10 cards in their hand when it is not their turn. A card is always discarded at the end of each turn as with most Rummy games.

The card is discarded onto a new pile next to the stock pile. The other player can then decide to take this card, or take a new card from the stock. If the previously discarded card is not used it must be turned face down on a waste pile, and cannot be accessed by either player.
When you meld cards you can rearrange cards you have already melded in any way you want. The only restriction is that you need to leave at least one complete meld in every sequence of cards. Unlike in most melding Rummy games, the melds of both players must be kept completely separate, and you may not add cards to other players' melds.
The Rule of Forcing
Forcing is a key strategic move in Conquian, and is one of the most important rules in the game. If the card discarded by your opponent in their last turn can be used in one of your existing melds, your opponent can force you to use the card, thereby making you discard one of your cards in your hand. This can destroy a strategy and make it impossible for the forced player to win.

For example, if your opponent has eight of his cards down in two sets and has two cards in his hand, there is often only one card that will enable the win for that player. If you force him to take up a card and discard one of his own, the new combination required for a meld might not be possible, because of cards already discarded or used.
Ending The Game
The game ends when one player successfully melds all of their cards. Note that exactly eleven cards must be melded, and it should not be possible to meld more cards than this.
A Draw
The game can end in a draw if the stock runs out before either player has melded all of their cards. In the event of a draw any wager that has been placed on the game will be held over for the next game. Remember that because Conquian is played with a Spanish deck, having a hand all in the same suit means that it is impossible to win (because an eleventh card to complete your meld could never be found).
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